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Submitted by nconnor on 18 January, 2019 - 15:45

Katharine House Hospice broadens its care service to the community

January 1st saw a major enhancement to care services provided by Katharine House Hospice. The start of the New Year saw the Community Palliative Care Nurse Specialists (PCNS), previously employed by Midlands Partnership Foundation NHS Trust (MPFT), join the Katharine House care team. 
The 4 specialist nurses are now directly employed by the hospice bringing the PCNS team under the umbrella of Katharine House; enabling the charity to extend the palliative care and end of life services it offers to the people of Mid Staffordshire.

The PCNS team will complete the hospice’s care services which also include In-patient Care, Day Therapies, Hospice at Home, Family support services and Lymphoedema care.
Katharine House Hospice Director of Nursing Care Sally Whitmore said “by fully integrating the team into our care services we will be able offer a more responsive, effective and co-ordinated service to patients and their families at an earlier stage in their care.”
The transfer of the team highlights the hospice’s primary focus on the needs of patients and their families in the community. There is a need to evolve care services in order to meet the increasing demands of the complex of care needs within an aging population. Katharine House Hospice will continue to work closely with Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and other hospices to meet these demands. 

Dr Richard Soulsby, Katharine House Hospice CEO said “We are all committed to providing the best care and support available. We cannot do this alone. It is vital to work closely with MPFT and other care providers in our region to develop an end of life service that benefits everyone in our community that needs it.”
Neil Carr, OBE Chief Executive at MPFT said “By integrating the PCNS with the hospice team whilst continuing to work in partnership with hospices, the community and voluntary sectors we can reach more patients and support more families with a much more robust service that benefits our community.” 

Current patients of the PCNS will witness no disruption in their care during the transition to Katharine House care services. 

Clare Cooper, one of the specialist nurses who joined the Hospice on 1st January said “We all look forward to bringing the hospice and the community together in one seamless service” 
Katharine House Hospice provides free care and support for adults and their families who are coping with progressive illness across mid-Staffordshire. Each year it cares for over 1000 patients and their families.  It relies upon the kindness of the local community to help generate over 2/3rds of the funds needed to run its range of vital services.