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Sandra has been a Katharine House Hospice volunteer for the last 5 years. Our volunteers are invaluable and we could not keep going without their amazing help. In this blog, Sandra tells us what made her want to donate her time and skills to help others...

"Working as a volunteer at Katharine House Hospice, I am always amazed and moved by the many wonderful things that go on here to make the lives of patients as happy and as memorable as possible. Katharine House really is all about living, not dying, and it's a place where patients' dreams really do come true. 

I owe a great debt of gratitude to hospice care after my father passed away in a hospice and I wanted to give a little something back by volunteering my time. It's not just the patients that the hospice cares for, it's their families too and we were helped through the very difficult times during his illness and our bereavement afterwards. 

Katharine House is a very special place and I look forward to coming here each week. The staff are so very friendly and when I read about all of the wonderful things that they do in so very many ways, it touches my heart. 

All of the services that they provide to the patients and their families are totally free of charge to them but they all cost a huge amount of money and Katharine House is totally dependent on charitable donations. If there is anything you can give or any contribution of your time that you can make, no matter how small, I know it will be greatly appreciated by so many."