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Rachel Bailey, RGN in Day Therapies, reflects on one of this years most memorable days; a trip to the sea side for 12 Day Therapies patients...

"What a truly heart-warming day; a gentleman that hadn't seen the sea for 50 years and those that may never see the sea again will have memories to treasure that can't be taken away. Filling their lungs with fresh sea air, the sun on their faces and the sea at their feet, it was a day to forget about illness and breathe in the sea air. 

It was a day of hope and contentment, with joy, laughter and a feeling of calm; natures true healer for the soul - just 'being.'

Life is for the living at Katharine House Hospice. To be able to facilitate a day for our patients and to see them in a different light has been so lovely. Enjoying themselves and being relaxed, Llandudno has been a tonic for our patients. 

It is such a dedicated group of individuals with whom I feel privileged and proud to work. Both colleagues and friends, we are just like a little family at times."